Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fort to Fort Trail Race, 8k: A tired finish to the series!

Taking place just off of Allard Crescent near Ft. Langley, the Fort To Fort trail race is the final event of the Fraser Valley Trail Series for 2014. Last year I took on the 30k event, but coming off of the heels of last week's Pacific Road Runner's First Half half marathon, and still feeling the lingering fatigue in my hamstrings, I decided to run the shorter distance on this beautifully golden and white morning. Golden for the fact that Canada clinched gold in men's ice hockey in the wee hours of the day capping a great Olympics in Sochi; white for the fact that snow covered much of the ground as I woke up. This used to be called the Houston Footrace, but was changed last year as the race organizers wanted to branch out and accommodate a long run in the series.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

25th Annual First Half Half Marathon Race Report

After a month of XC trail racing, the big test went down on Valentine's weekend: Pacific Road Runner's First Half Half Marathon. My first running in this race was 10 years ago. From the 16th annual to the 25th annual, much has changed for me, but little has changed with this event. Once again, the organisation, the post race food, the course, the scenery, all of is is top notch. The race remains a flat, fast course that brings out Vancouver's best runners in February.

Over those ten years, I have transformed myself into somewhat of a runner--my times on this course have gotten faster, expectations have gotten higher, and my love for a race that once was one of the most scenic races showcasing some of the best Vancouver has to offer has become something that resembles strictly business. The goal of PB'ing every time at the First Half has become the annual objective. See my report from 2012.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

January Training Recap: A couple of solid races!

January totals are setting me up for the First Half.

A pretty good month of running with a couple of bike rides thrown in there for good measure. I am pleased with the numbers, and the specific types of workout session that took place.

All told, running took up the bulk of type of exercise for the month. 267 kms run is not bad, but the quality of the runs were what made this a good month. A couple of course P.R.s and high finish placings in the Fraser Valley Trail Series on January 1 at the Resolution Run, and at the Campbell Valley Stomp, some Yasso workouts, and some longer runs made this a productive month. Right now I am feeling pretty good about the intensity I put into my autumn races. It seems to be paying dividends.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Aldergrove Mud Run 2014: My best effort this year!

Mike Murphy emailed me race day morning after I sent him a message asking if he would attend the Aldergrove Mud Run. The correspondence went like this:

Josh: Hi Mike. Are you running in Aldergrove tomorrow? I will be. Hope to see you there.

Mike: Morning Josh,

I am going to skip the race this morning. Instead, i'm doing a long run on the DiezVista 50 course.
I know you have another strong run in you, so lay it all out there. Try my little trick of 'promissing' yourself to throw in 6 or 8 matter how crappy it feels.
Tweet a recap afterwards, so i know how it went once i wrap up.

I listen to Mike. I respect Mike. He knows what he speaks of. So, my race plan was born just before the race: surges, and lots of them. Sort of like intervals within a tempo run. Only intervals while running at race pace.

It took no time get all the way out to Aldergrove Lake this morning. Without Mike or Chris there, I knew that I had a good shot at a high placing based on who had been showing up to this series. But as Mike told me at the last one, you never know who is going to show up at the race. So true for this race.