Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fort to Fort 30k Trail Race: Building for the bigger events

If a racer targets goal races, A races, and then the lowly B race, then the Fort to Fort 30k Trail Race on February 24, 2013 was a B race on my seasonal plan, and a C race in terms of course marshalling. First off it is a first year event, having changed up from the Houston Footrace 10k of the last number of years presented by Peninsula Runners. Any number of things could go wrong for the organizers, and they did.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Influencing my children: The battle for all parents

My first run after the First Half Half Marathon was less than stellar, so I decided to take a couplle of days off of the run to get healthy. Instead, I rode my bike and ran with my kids.

Running with kids was like pulling teeth to get them out the door, but once we were in the forest, all three of them loved it. We ran for 5k on Saturday and 6k on Sunday. At each km, we take a walk break. For the boys, they love to run over the dirt jumps, bound over logs, and run uphill as fast as they can. I tell them to pace themselves, but when it comes to running downhill, they take off like bullets. They are 5 years old.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Reflections and ramblings on the First Half Half Marathon

A few days after my half marathon PB, I am already dreaming of the next few races. Preparing for those races is necessary, and my prep began the very next day when I treated myself to a massage. This seemed to help loosen up some of the leg stiffness and pre-empt any DOMS. I am trying to move away from a dependancy on ibuprofin, and eating natural, unprocessd foods to help with any inflamation or pain. I do like my plain greek yogurt, so that one has to stay.

But all the preparation for the upcoming events can and does hit a speed bump, as it did Wednesday morning. I was starting out on my early recovery run with my brother Sean, when 300 feet from my front door--DOING! My anterior left IT/quad went on me. It seized right up.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

First Half Half Marathon: Another PB!!

I tackled the Pacific Road Runner's First Half Half Marathon on February 10th, 2013. This is one of the most scenic and beautiful road courses I have ever done: a flat, fast course on the seawall around Stanley Park, starting and finishing at the Yaletown Roundhouse. This race usually is blessed with a beautiful day of February weather, and today was no exception.

I think that the reason this race is so good is that it is a Variety Charity fundraiser. This year the Pacific Road Runners donate 40% of the registration fees to Variety, which amounted to $50,000! The other 60% goes to putting on one of the best races going, bar none. That goodwill is evident in the volunteers and in the race organization.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Aldergrove Mud Run 2013: Putting together the perfect race

Sunday February 3rd was my third time racing the Aldergrove Mud Run in as many years. The third race in the Fraser Valley Trail Series, this is a beautiful course takes runners through a good portion of Aldergrove Lake park. A number of  short, steep, punchy climbs and twisting fast descents on wide, soft gravel paths weave through the undulating forest of the park, with a few bridges over marshes and creeks. This is a beautiful park. The temperature today said 5 degrees, but once the race was underway, the conditions were perfect--almost warm, no rain or wind to speak of, only overcast.