Thursday, 14 March 2013

Chuckanut 50: Pre-race jitters

SATURDAY!! I am hoping to find a bit of redemption on Saturday in my second running of this ultra. I vowed last year to train for more hills, differentiated intensities, and to hopefully to try and be healthy for the next time that I throw down in Fairhaven. One year has passed, and I am on the eve of my second 50k race. So far, all three check out.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Winning the lottery!! Knee Knacker 2013.

Tonight was quite the exciting event: my first foray into entering a lottery. The 2013 Chuckanut 50 lottery did not materialize like I thought it would, but with the Knee Knacker taking only 268 runners out of a possible 360 or so, this meant that the odds of getting in were close to 75% for someone who registered before last Thursday. I had high hopes that both my brother in-law and I would get in. If only one did, then it would either really suck, or be a monumental accomplishment for the one who had to do the race.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Last weekend was amazing. 75kms over three days, not a tonne of distance for 3 days, but all runs were specific workouts. Throw in the 30km race, and it was a taxing 3 days. What more could a person ask for?
Over this week I have come up with an answer-- maybe a day or two between the Saturday hills at SFU and the Sunday race. The weekend was great. The week? Rough. People who do not run think that runners destroy their knees, but the reality is that a runner's quads are what get trashed.