Thursday, 5 January 2012

Physio Day One

Yesterday I paid a visit to my physiotherapist, Reneé, who doubles as my sister in-law. Perhaps a combination of not running this week, and the treatment she gave me has resulted in much improvement in my leg. The achilles is not nearly as sore as usual, the ankle is the best it has felt, and my calf is feeling normal. I check in with Physiomoves (Tyler Dumont's set up) tomorrow, so maybe they can tell me something more about it tomorrow, such as causes of the injury, what I should do in terms of running, and duration and intensity of my training. I hear that it takes six weeks to meet up with Tyler, so I will get who I get tomorrow. He is a popular physio, and he also teaches at UBC.

Sunday is looking good, and Saturday is the Chuckanut 50 registration, so I feel like I need to get out there. I am kinda chompin' at the bit to be honest. Patience will pay off for me if I take some more time right now.