Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bad to worse...injured and in pain...

Today was the first time in over a year and a half that I had to can my run shortly after starting it. 3km is all I could hack, and nearly half of that was walking back home. It seems that the sprained/ turned left ankle that I have been experiencing over the last few months, dating back to June, have finally put me on the shelf.

It is hard to walk, quite sore throughout the low and high ankle, and up the anterior shin. GRRRRRR.... I should maybe book a date with Tyler and get some physio to see what the real deal is. The goal now is to do nothing in terms of running until it gets better, hopefully that will be by Sunday if I keep taking the gel caps and icing it.

A bit of patience and TLC of this thing, and I should be alright, I hope. However, it is something that started in June, the soreness I have had since October, and perhaps I have reached the tipping point here. Calf raises are my bag now, and I will listen to doctors orders.

A little trail running vid c/o Adam Campbell. This is enough to get me out there.