Friday, 6 January 2012

Freedom: Unlocking my foot

My ankle has been locked for the last 6 months. I found this out tonight at my 2nd round of physiotherapy, after a session with Christine at Physiomoves. After a short assessment, she managed to pop the foot out of it's jammed state with relative ease, and increase my range of motion and mobility more than I have been able to do in the last few months. I should have taken care of the ankle long ago, and thus prevented my Achilles injury, and now my calf injury. She said to take it easy on my run this weekend, if it feels good go for 10km, no more than that give or take. We will see how it feels, and make a call from there. A bit of kineseo tape on my Achilles and I was on my way, feeling better after two sessions than I have in six months. Sunday run is coming, Chucknut 50 registration tomorrow morning. Now I just hope to get in and be well enough to run in two days.