Monday, 2 January 2012

Fraser Valley Trail Series #1 Crescent Park XC Resolution Run

How to not prepare for a trail race on New Years Day: Jam back 15 meatballs, a bunch of super delicious bacon wrapped pineapple, each some chips, have 7 beer, then start dinner at 10pm that consists of a striploin steak, potatoes, salad, and scallops and prawns. Go to sleep at 2 a.m.

Middle of the night meat sweats, can't sleep.

Wake at 8, jam down a small amount of oatmeal. Arrive at the race. Warm-up for a too few 15 minutes of light running. Then try to run your fastest 8km. I tried, got off to a good start, running in 4th, but then 2km in, my left leg started to give me fits. I slowed, lost my pace, and started to suffer in pain. The engine was fine, I run hard and get my HR up and keep it there just fine, but my leg. Oh! My leg! Ankle. Calf! I needed a better warm-up. I needed to build my run up to speed, rather than start super fast and expect to maintain. I needed a better warmup.

This year I was slower than last year, a year that I suffered but still made it in 34:15. This year: 35:30. Mediocre. I thought I could jam back a 32 minute race for sure. Anything less would have been awesome. But this New Years Day, my left leg did not want to cooperate. I feel like I willed myself across the line. All of my runs in December felt great compared to this one. Chalk NYD race up to a bad one.

I have 3 weeks to get my stuff together and prepare properly. Campbell Valley Footrace is next. That one is 10km of flooded out trails, a really hard race.

Here is the plan for 2012:

Jan 1.           Resolution Run, Crescent Park XC 8km
Jan 22.         Campbell Valley Stomp XC 10km
Feb. 5          Houston Trail Footace XC 10km
Feb. 13        First Half Half Marathon, Vancouver 21.1km
Feb. 26        Aldergrove Mud Run, 8km
Mar. 10       Dirty Duo, North Vancouver 25km
Mar. 17       Chuckanut 50, Fairhaven, WA. 50km
Mar 25        Dirty Feet Trail Half Marathon, Kamloops 21.1
May 6         Vancouver Marathon, 42.2km

I have two and a half weeks to get better for the next one. Two long runs over the next two Sunday's, shooting for 25 and 28 kms for each go. And the ultra training begins.....