Thursday, 29 March 2012

When 50 becomes 50

Having just completed the Chuckanut 50, it is time to take stock. I have been trying to come up with a plan for my next set of races. So to ask myself the question, what is the next logical step after doing a 50km trail race is to:

A.) Rest
B.) Sign up for another 50k run
C.) Do a marathon
D.) Sign up for a 50 mile run

This morning, Thursday March 29th, my buddy Mike Murphy shot me a link to the Meet Your Maker 50 mile ultra marathon in Whistler, September 2nd of this year. I jokingly forwarded the email to my brother Sean, thinking that he would tell me to eff-off. This evening, Sean shot an email back to me that had this attached to it:

I opened it. My jaw dropped.

I sat in front of the computer in disbelief.

In shock.

I got excited.

I got sweaty.

I was merely joking when I fired it his way. In no way shape or form did I ever expect him to register me or us in it. I thought we might talk it over, make a plan, figure out what we wanted to do, if we wanted to do it. There are other ultra's around, others that are less expensive. But this one--this run looks epic. It looks like a quality run, that will be supported very well, where the organizers will take care of the racers, where the route will be amazing and scenic. It seems like I need to take things a bit more seriously. Like nutrition and what I put into my body from now on.

This is huge.

A few years back Sean and I talked about running until we could not run anymore. How much do we have in us to make that happen? How far would we be able to go? The challenge of running in Whistler will be epic. This will be harder than the Chuckanut by sheer distance, but also in climbing. The map looks daunting:

The straight line on the map just in the bottom right hand corner here represents the Peak to Peak gondola. I am a bit speechless right now about this whole thing. So why not plan out the next few months of runs right now. ** indicates that I am committed to doing these runs. This is just a rough plan for the time being.

April 21st:  5 Peaks Maple Ridge **
May 6th:    Vancouver Marathon**

May 27th:    Tender Knee/ Iron Knee
June 9th:      5 Peaks Squamish
June 10th:    Sandcastle 10km or
June 10th     Junk Yard Dog South Surrey Mountain bike race
June 30th:    Tenderfoot Boogie Squamish to Whistler
July 15th:     NB Fort Langley Half Marathon
July 21st:     5 Peak Cypress
July 28th:     Triple Crown Road Ride
July 29th:     Jog for the Bog
Sept 2nd:     Meet Your Maker 50mile**

Then Cyclocross season begins. I suspect that the Meet Your Maker will interfere with the first CX race of the season, and also Aaron Schooler's school of Cross.  A bit of a bummer, but this will be a new experience for me, and lately, the new experiences are pretty awesome.

It looks like I will have to invest in a pair of those Salomon Speedcross shoes I have been eyeing for a while for the upcoming trail races. Those look bomber.

What a day. The meet your maker is an 84 or 85km trail run. The Chuckanut was hard with the rain, snow and cold. The MYM 50 may be more bearable. I have my work cut out for me.