Monday, 26 March 2012

Gearing up for the BMO Vancouver Marathon

The aftermath of the Chuckanut 50 was dealing with bouts our soreness, stiffness, walking backwards down stairs, and hobbling around with sore knees, quads, and calfs. The Stick was of no use to me in the days just after the race, and I did not feel much better until about last Wednesday. I took my first run on Friday evening, a 10km trail run in the shed, and a longer 18km run in the shed/bog on Sunday.

Even a week later, I still have a deep bruise on the top of my left foot, that is making running a bit more painful. The rest of the body feels great. I have had my last two runs in my NB 110s minimal transition shoes, trying to build up strength in my feet and lower legs. Needless to say, I am a bit slower as I have changed my gait and footstrike on the ground, to a forefoot to midsole fall, moving entirely away from a heelstrike. I hope that the speed comes back. I feel that I am still recovering from the effort of the 50k.

Now it is time to get some more miles in my legs before a taper for the marathon. Based on my half time from Feb, a 3:01 is doable, but I think I am not there yet. I will add a few minutes to that. Running 6 hours has given me a huge amount of confidence, knowing that I hit the wall at about 4:40-4:50 or the Chuckanut 50k. That is very encouraging. Very excited about the marathon, and the next ultra, whatever that might be.