Sunday, 9 February 2014

January Training Recap: A couple of solid races!

January totals are setting me up for the First Half.

A pretty good month of running with a couple of bike rides thrown in there for good measure. I am pleased with the numbers, and the specific types of workout session that took place.

All told, running took up the bulk of type of exercise for the month. 267 kms run is not bad, but the quality of the runs were what made this a good month. A couple of course P.R.s and high finish placings in the Fraser Valley Trail Series on January 1 at the Resolution Run, and at the Campbell Valley Stomp, some Yasso workouts, and some longer runs made this a productive month. Right now I am feeling pretty good about the intensity I put into my autumn races. It seems to be paying dividends.

In fact, it was my highest volume January for the past 4 years--even if I was sick for the first week with some pretty heavy fatigue. I would chalk that up to the late nights and Christmas season. That only lasted a couple of days, but still was enough to knock me right out.

I managed to get six double-day workouts in, whether those were two runs (AM/PM), or a bike and a run (AM/PM), or a back to back workout--those help me stay charged and energized. 9 Days off of any activity in total for the month.

Looking at the numbers, I managed to only get one 23k long run in for January. The rest were all between 11 and 18.

A bit of a lame recap, but hey, it is January. Dark and dank, this month is sometimes best left forgotten. January is the month for base training, and to get myself back on track--less ice cream, beer, and whatever else I want to eat the way I did in December. January is for looking ahead and figuring out my year of running and racing, goal setting, and working on getting better.

I really would love to get on the bike more, but the darkness sucks, and the cold on road rides makes for no fun for me.

I am set up well for February, and the coming months!

January Beer Tally: 29