Sunday, 29 September 2013

Resuscitating my run: Fall marathon training

From  Sept 13th:

After the Knee Knacker, I was cooked. Running had lost it's appeal. I had no desire to lace them up and go out for any amount of time or distance. With the MYM50 fast approaching over the summer, I realized that for my own health and well being, although I could attempt it, it was going to be a really bad idea to complete a 50 mile mountain run and feel like running in the following weeks.

Flash forward to Sept 13th. With the Victoria Marathon in mind, and the success of the MYM50 DNF, I have managed to amass a solid block of training in the past 2 weeks. A couple of 32k runs, some tempo, a Yasso 800 session, and morning runs of between 11k and 18k, and I am getting my stuff together for what may prove to be a great marathon. With the impending cyclocross season upon us (something that I am taking a break from this year), running and staying healthy is the main focus of my training.

Switching back to running from the bike after an extended time off of my feet has left me feeling fresh, fast, and light. I do not have any little quirky pains, no overuse injuries, or need to visit the physio in order to keep myself running. Instead, all I need to do is listen to my body, and rest when it is appropriate. The time off seems to have ironed out the pains in my muscles and joints. I feel like I have cleaned myself up a little bit, and have enough energy to crank out some solid distance.

Then today's run happened. I had my doubts about my 4th day in a row of running in the mornings. I am a bit tired from the 5:30am start times, something that I know will bite me int he coming weeks if I keep this up. But today, I pressed on. Just after entering the shed on a technical section, I hit the deck. Tripped up by a fallen branch, I slammed, then bounced on the ground. "Big man goes down" according to my brother in law and running partner.

The fall blew my HRM strap off of my chest, sliced my right palm, and rocketed my eyeglasses straight off of my face. I was in the prone position, my New Balance MT110s sliced open at the pinkie toe. Some electrical tape is now employed to fasten the slice in the shoe, some bandages employed to fasten my palm. It was not my finest moment.

I collected myself, and took it back over to the fountain in the Watershed to clean myself up. The slice on the palm was not too deep, but embeded in the skin was some serious dirt. We finished up the run, 12k done and dusted, quite literally. A good run with less than stellar form.

Falling during a race or training run happen to all of us, sooner or later. It is a bit of a head scratcher. One minute you are trucking along, the next flat out without warning. Some are worse than others. I was lucky to be able to finish up the run with a minor cut.

I had a bit of a bad feeling going into this run. The increase in volume over such a short time. With only 214 running kms in the last month, 172 of those in the last 2 weeks, I am concerned about too much too soon. However, as it stands, I am on pace to run 400kms in the month of September. That would be pretty cool, provided I can stay healthy.

All in the name of preparation for the fall race season. I say bring it on.

Post Script: New Balance replaced my MT110s with a new set. Paul at the North Delta New Balance Concept Store helped me out with that--the shoes had about 200kms on them, and then they tore. Granted, I should be less clumsy, or run when the sun is out (not likely), but I felt pretty happy about New Balance standing behind their product!! 

Thanks New Balance North Delta!! Thanks Paul!