Sunday, 2 December 2012

Post Canadian CX Champs: the aftermath.

The last few days have been all about recovery. My choking performances at the CX champs can be boiled down to a couple of things: not enough CX specific training, too much running, and not enough rest. I like my 11 pm bedtimes, but man does it make waking up in the morning for the 5 am runs hard.

I think that compiling a place where photos can be found for the event are important. So here goes:

Daryl Evans Flickr
Doug Brons
John Denniston
Formula Photo

Human Suitcase. Photo Credit: Stefon.

Steve Pukesh
Jamie Cameron
Dave Harvey
Pedalmags RR

Some other shots from the day....

Tyler and me punching at each other.

Still punching at the BC GP of CX.

Jeff and me at Nats.

Owner and HUGE supporter of Team Daryl Evans,  the man himself! Thanks for everything, Daryl!

Aaron, me, Jeff Hanninen, and Matt Drown. Happy but spent.

Finding my pedal.
Bounding the barriers.