Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cycling Photos: A post race scavenger hunt

After I am done sweating and gritting it out with a maximal effort, looking for a good result, my post race hobby is to dig up results and any photos from the event. We have a few photog's who make it out to the races to shoot the pain and suffering that many of us go through on a weekly basis. Those same photographers have been know to handle themselves on a cyclocross bike from time to time. Of the pics that show up on this blog, I am ever impressed just how talented these guys are, and how they manage to shoot in some difficult conditions, turning out week after week some really beautiful shots . Doing some blog hopping tonight of my fellow racer/photographers, I came across these two from the Escape Velocity GP of Cyclocross in Coquitlam from Thanksgiving weekend: 

Third place is lonely when not very many show up to race....Photo: Doug Brons 
I should be able to lean the bike over more, but the corners were slick, and abundant...Photo: D.B.
Doug Brons has a keen eye for the camera, and he knows cycling. I remember yelling to Doug while I was redlining on lap 3 that "I want some pics this week!". The man obliged, and over a week and a half later, these two show up on blog here. I suppose if you ask or yell nicely, you can get what you want. Thanks to Doug and the people who make it out to these races, process the shots, and share them for the good of the sport in our corner of the world.

This weekend is Pumpkin Cross. I am ready for the rain and wind and looking for some hardman style racing.  World Champion Catherine Pendrel is putting on the second annual Cacti Cross in Kamloops on the 30th, and then Mighty Riders and Daryl Evans Racing team up on the 12th to put on a dynamite race back at the South Surrey Bike Park, our 4th year running, if I am not mistaken. Check out the site here. Perhaps we will see some of these photographers in Kamloops and over the bridges in Surrey? I hope so.