Monday, 5 September 2011

That Goofy XC Run Quarter Marathon

Sunday the 27th 2011 saw my second running of the Goofy XC run in Kamloops. I had run this race before, except only on a different course. After 2009, Sherry Maligaspe changed it to be a bit less up and down, but still challenging nonetheless. Arriving at the start I one to be there. The start had been changed to a new location.

After racing down to the new start/finish area, I was able to get my bib organized and a brief 12 minute warmup in before the 9AM start. Remembering 2009 when I went out way to fast and faded to 7th after leading the charge up the mountain, I decided to hang back and run my own race. This was my undoing, as two guys off the top charged off the trail and opened up a tremendous pace. I decided to let them go and I would try to maintain and win 3rd, if not catch them down the course.

The course was tough, and I just did not seem to be in the mood to chase the two down the trails, so I tried for a steady, consistent effort that would allow me to push on the flats, try not to crash on the downhills, and chug uphills. For 10.5kms, the race seemed to tick by quickly, even if my watch was not showing that. I managed to cross the line in a time of 51:30, one minute slower than two years ago, on a less difficult course.

I managed to cross the line holding onto third, 3 minutes ahead of the next competitor. Not a tonne of competition at this race like in years past, as I suspect many were either involve or doing the Ironman Canada in Pentiction on the same day. Granted, the Rick Brewster who won is a star on the trails of Kenna, and Hans Aabye, who placed second even after rolling his ankle, is a pretty accomplished marathoner himself. A fun day in the trails of Kenna Cartwright. I think I will make this part of my regular run on my way back to Kamloops!